Our Values & Ethos

We welcome you and your family to our happy school where the successful partnership of children, parents and teachers is the foundation of a caring, learning community.

Schools vary enormously in achievement and atmosphere.  Our distinction lies with the children in our school; they are polite, hardworking and well behaved. We appreciate this does not necessarily set them apart from other children in the district but this is allied to the sense of order and calm that prevails around the school. The quiet confidence and caring attitudes which are the hall mark of our children make Thorn Grove a very special school.

At Thorn Grove we pride ourselves on wanting to create a school where individuals thrive, feel motivated and fulfil their potential. We aim to create a community that works together, supporting and challenging each other to achieve the best possible outcomes. We believe that it is our duty to provide an education that is accessible to all which inspires and stimulates creative thinking and a growth mind set. We know that if we achieve all this in a nurturing, caring environment we will fulfil our community motto: Aim High, Succeed and Fly!

In order to achieve this, our core values are to:

  • Encourage learning at all levels
  • Promote healthy bodies, minds and relationships
  • Respect and celebrate diversity
  • Nurture happiness
  • Develop independent learning and curiosity through a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Improve standards by monitoring consistency and quality of provision
  • Support through modelling and collaboration
  • Reflect on our performance using assessment to provide feedback
  • Empower individuals to improve and progress

We aim to provide all of these in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.