Headteachers Introduction

As the Headteacher of Thorn Grove Primary School it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. I hope it provides you with the comprehensive information you require and a glimpse into the life of the school. If after searching the website you still require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

I may well be accused of being biased but I feel compelled to let you into a little secret, Thorn Grove Primary is a truly wonderful school. It sits proudly in the heart of our community valuing the bonds forged with all those that choose to walk through our doors.

From the moment you pass through the threshold, the warm atmosphere of the school envelops you and you are instantly put at ease. As you walk our corridors and visit our classrooms you will be struck by the calm but purposeful working atmosphere and the bright, happy faces of our students.

Our school motto is ‘Aim High, Succeed and Fly’. We stand by our words, we want our children to be the very best they can be and for this reason we encourage them to have aspirational goals. From the moment our children enter Nursery or Reception we believe in fostering in our pupils a Growth Mindset. We want our children to embrace daily challenges and to use the experiences to make them stronger. We want our children to work beyond their expectations so that only then will they truly realise that the impossible is indeed possible.

We are proud of our children and we make sure we take time to track, record and celebrate their achievements. Our numerous Ofsted reports comment on the excellent behaviour of our pupils, their attitude to work and the fabulous relationships they form not only with their peers but with the staff too.

Thorn Grove is a truly unique main stream primary school. It is unique because situated within it, is a small Educational Resource Base for Deaf pupils. The parents/carers of these students have chosen a sign bilingual approach for the education of their child. The Deaf Base, which is resourced and managed by Stockport Sensory Support Service, caters for a small number of pupils who live within the Stockport Borough. The students that attend Deaf Base are very much part of the school community and access where possible our main stream provision.

Thorn Grove is very fortunate to have a team of very skilled dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure that children enjoy coming to school and that they are working hard each day to achieve their dreams. The commitment of staff, parents, governors and the PTA is phenomenal and deserves to be applauded.

I have so much more I could say but I think it is best to end by stating, my introduction to the school and the website only offers you a window into the heart of our school, so feel free to open the door by arranging a visit and seeing the school at its best.


Laura Vose