The wearing of school uniform is compulsory from Nursery to the end of Year 6.  There are many advantages – it looks smart, it gives children a greater sense of belonging to the school community and makes them more readily identifiable when together on educational visits.  Parents find it serviceable and a sensible option for ‘fashion conscious’ children.

The official uniform supplier for the school is Monkhouse and all uniform can be purchased on their website.

It is not compulsory to purchase uniform that has the logo, so long as the correct uniform colours are worn. Most supermarkets stock appropriate school uniform. 

Second-hand uniform is available onsite, please contact the school office for further details.

Please ensure that all items are labelled with names and we will endeavour to return any lost property to their owner.


  • Sky Blue Polo (white logo optional)
  • Royal Blue Sweatshirt (white logo optional)
  • Jogging bottoms or leggings (black, Navy or Grey)
  • Easy to fasten black shoes (no laces)
Blue-Cardigan-300x300.jpg Blue-Sweatshirt-300x300(1).jpg Blue-polo-300x300.jpg


  • White Shirt and Tie or Sky Blue Polo (white logo optional)
  • Grey Jumper or Cardigan (white logo optional)
  • Grey trousers / Skirt / Pinafore dress
Grey-Cardigan-300x300.jpg Grey-jumper-300x300.jpg Tie-300x300.jpg Blue-polo-300x300(1).jpg

KS1 (Year 1 and 2)

  • White Shirt and Tie
  • Grey Jumper or Cardigan (white logo optional)
  • Grey trousers / Skirt / Pinafore dress


  • White Shirt and Tie (will need the full tie and the elasticated as an option)
  • Grey Jumper or Cardigan (white logo optional)
  • Grey trousers / Skirt / Pinafore dress

A Blue and White Gingham Dress can be worn in Summer instead of the Winter Uniform.

PE Kit

  • Blue wicking shirt with the white logo
  • Black shorts
PE-shorts-300x300.jpg PE-top-300x300.jpg

All P.E. kit to be storedin the Thorn Grove PE bag clearly labelled with their name.


Bookbag (Optional)



Children should wear clean sensible BLACK shoes for school.  Boots, trainers, Doc Martins, heels and open-toed sandals are not suitable.


Only stud earrings are permitted but not encouraged. NO OTHER JEWELLERY e.g. rings, hoop earrings are permitted for safety reasons. Earrings should be taken out for P.E. days.


Hairstyles should be neat and tidy and promote our high standards of dress. Long hair should be tied back.

Children may be sent home to rectify unsuitable hair styles. There should be no extremes of style or colour e.g. no mohicans or hair shorter than a number 2 cut, and no words or patterns cut into the hair. Hair accessories should be discreet and in keeping with school colours.