School Lunches

Our lunchtime menus are created by Taylor Shaw, who are our lunch providers. They make sure that the meals that they produce our of the best quality and are in line with the governments food standards, which have strict guidance concerning the amount of salt, fat and sugar that school meals are allowed to contain.

Lunch is an integral part of the school day and something all children should look forward to. Our dedicated catering team ensures the dining hall is a welcoming and happy place for your child. How we serve our food is just as important as the food itself.

Our menus meet the Government’s School food standards and the bronze Food for Life standards.

  • 89% of meals are freshly prepared daily
  • No undesirable additives or artificial trans fats are used
  • Our menus provide for all dietary and cultural needs
  • Our suppliers provide appropriate food safety standards
  • Our catering team is supported with skills training in fresh produce

Our school menu is appetising, nutritious, balanced, and designed to encourage children to enjoy food, learn, play, and grow. It includes a wide variety of options to suit all tastes based on feedback from pupils, staff, the catering team, and parents and guardians. We run a three-week menu cycle that changes twice a year.

From Tuesday 31st October 2023 the following menu will start:

Eativerse Menu – Autumn Winter 23/24

From Monday 15th April 2024 the following menu will start:

Eativerse Menu – Spring Summer 24

Menu Calendar 2024

School meals are £2.55 per day and payment of dinner money is required in advance and via the School Money system.  Once you have credit on your account you will be able to pre order meals for your child via LunchHound, please do this before 8.30am. If your child is absent, a ‘credit’ will be carried forward. For more details on how to order meals can be found in this leaflet.

If children wish to bring a packed lunch we ask parents to support the school’s policy on healthy eating as we have achieved the National Healthy Schools Award. It is our policy not to allow children to bring sweets to school but to encourage them to choose a healthier alternative, e.g. fruit, nuts, cheese etc.

Requesting a medical diet

Special dietary requirements are accommodated.

Click the link below, or enter this address into your web browser and complete the online form.

After you have clicked the Submit button, the system will generate an email to the email address you provided. You must click the link in the email to confirm that the email address is correct.

Once you have verified your email address, the system will notify the school of your request and we will confirm your child’s details. After the school have approved the request, you will receive another notification email to inform you that your request has been sent to our dietitians for processing. You will then receive a confirmation email when the request has been processed by the dietitians. The school office will be provided with a copy of your child’s menu which they will pass on to you. You will need to select an option for each day in the 3 week cycle and return the menu to the school.

Once this process is complete you will only have the 'medical diet' option visible on LunchHound. You will need to select this on any day you want your child to have a lunch and the kitchen will prepare the option you selected on your child's menu.

Free School Meals

School dinners are £2.55 per day for children in Nursery and Years 3,4,5 and 6. If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals please REGISTER. Children from families in receipt of Income Support are eligible for free school meals.

You apply for this online or enquire at any of the Authority’s Information Offices. This does not mean you have to take up a hot meal option every day but it does mean the school receives additional funding which we only receive if families have registered.


A daily portion of fruit is provided for all children from Nursery through to Yr 2.


We are registered for the Cool Milk scheme in school. All under 5’s and those on Free School Meals are entitled to free milk in school. All our nursery children are offered milk on a daily basis. However, older children in school need to register online with Cool Milk.


To promote healthy lifestyles all children are encouraged to drink water through the day. School provides individual water bottles for all children, and they learn about the benefits of water consumption to aid concentration and learning.