Senior Leaders and Class Teachers

Laura-Vose-square-300x300.jpg Charlotte-Brierley-Nov-22-scaled.jpg Mrs-N-Bodley-e1690894597204.jpg Amy-Parker-June-23-square-scaled.jpg

Miss L Vose


Miss C Brierley

Deputy Head
Y6 class teacher

Mrs N Bodley

Y5 class teacher

Mrs A Parker

Y4 class teacher

Laura-Beale-Square--scaled.jpg Megan-Stojic-Nov-22-square-scaled.jpg R.Hart-Square.jpg Mrs-Polly-Gardner-Square-scaled.jpg

Miss L Beale

Senior Leader
Y3 class teacher

Miss M Stojic

Y2 class teacher

Mrs R Dawson

Y1 class teacher
Job Share

Mrs P Tweddle

Senior Leader
Year 1 Teacher
Job Share

Miss-S-Freebairn-Square.jpg Hannah-Harding-Nov-22-square-scaled.jpg Claire-Rimmer-2021-square.jpg Anna-Arnold-square.jpg

Mrs S Bland

Y1 class teacher – Maternity Leave

Mrs H Harding

EYFS Leader
Reception Class Teacher

Mrs C Williams

Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs A Arnold

Senior Leader

Mrs L McGee      

Classroom Support Staff

Vicky-Yates-2021-square.jpg Gemma-Tucker-2021-square.jpg Sarah-Derbyshire-June-23-square-scaled.jpg Berni-Bryant-Oct-20-square.jpg

Mrs V Yates

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Tucker

Nusery Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Derbyshire

Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Bryant

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Cath-Bamford-square-scaled.jpg Alice-Godridge-Nov-22-square-scaled.jpg Zoe-Bailey-square.jpg John-Cotterill-Square-scaled.jpg

Mrs C Bamford

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss A Godridge

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Bailey

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mr J Cotterill


Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Kate-Ridgway-Square-1.jpg Sally-Percival-Sqaure.jpg Michelle Nuttall - Nov 23 - square.jpg  

Mrs K Ridgway

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Percival

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs M Nuttall

Behaviour Mentor


Office Staff

Sarah-Hawkins-2021-square.jpg awaiting-photo.jpg    

Mrs S Hawkins

Business Manager

Miss Marie Connell

School Secretary


Premises Staff and Midday Assistants

Joann-Hassall-Square.jpg Jackie-Bingham-June-23-square-scaled.jpg Joanne Lennon - Feb 24 - square.jpeg Amanda-Hamati-square-1.jpg

Mrs J Hassall


Mrs Jackie Bingham


Mrs Joanne Lennon


Mrs Amanda Hamati

Midday Assistant

Seema-Mehta-square.jpg Karla Richardson - Nov 22.jpg    

Mrs Seema Mehta

Midday Assistant

Miss K Richardson

Midday Assistant