EYFS Forest School Trip at Nest In The Woods


Nursery and Reception classes had an incredibly fun (and incredibly wet) day at Nest in the Woods in Macclesfield on Wednesday 26th July. Despite the rain and copious amounts of mud, the children all had a brilliant time and it will be remembered by all.

Some of the activities included building fairy homes in Tinker Town, using teamwork to cross the “shark-infested custard”, exploring the adventure playground and making our own forest school medals from wood cookies. We ended the day with toasted marshmallows and a thrill-ride on the mud slide!

After a soggy and slightly sleepy coach journey back to school, all of the children were sent home for a good soak in the bath (a similar story for the teachers and parents, too!). Thank you to all of our parent and family helpers because, as always, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Take a look at some of the highlights here:

EYFS Pirate picnic party!

Ahoy there

We would like to thank our amazing Pirates and their families for making our picnic party such a success!  Huge thanks for your continued support.  I think you will agree that the pirates did a fabulous job of creating a wonderful treasure trove of delights.  These included scallywag sandwiches,  Captain Cook Cupcakes,  Treasure Map Wraps, Peg Leg Breadsticks and more.  We were relieved to see that many hungry pirates were served! Thank you  for listening to our Sea shanty finale! We hope you enjoyed it ship mates!

Take a glimpse of some high lights!

    Robin wood Day 3

    The gentle patter of precipitation that nudged us from our slumbers this morning was soon replaced by ripples of laughter and rumbles of busy feet as children and teachers rushed for breakfast – no one wanted to miss any time on our last day of activities.

    No change on the breakfast front – a second delicious cooked breakfast was wolfed down. Stomachs full,  we ‘kitted up’ and Hill, Valley and Wood groups headed off for their final morning of challenges.

    Whether it be crawling through crags; nudging each other through the nightline; advancing across countryside; or scaling the climbing wall blindfolded all groups set about their tasks with gusto and good humour; a wonderful morning was had by all.

    But then it was over! Three days gone in a flash and as the children and teachers bid farewell to the magnificently inspirational Robinwood leaders, the rugged rural landscape and the Old School they stepped on to the coach.

    A strange calmness permeated the coach as seatbelts clicked into place. A calmness punctuated by smiles of satisfaction and the occasional tear of sadness at departure.

    “Why was it only 3 days, Mr Wilson? I don’t want to leave – Wouldn’t  a week be better?” Was uttered as damp eyes were wiped, hugs were exchanged and grins returned.

    As eyelids drooped and the realisation of the great achievements of the last three days settled in, the engine of the coach rumbled into gear and year six set off home to Thorn Grove.

    3 days  too short? Who truly knows?

    However, what is certain is, it’s definitely long enough to have a truly memorable and magnificent adventure – one we will all remember with fondness for an incredibly long time.


    A huge thanks must go to:

    Year 6 – you were truly brilliant, brave and bold.

    Mr Godwin, Mrs Bodley and Miss Bennett – you were superb, supportive and always smiling.

    Robinwood – you were challenging, exhilerating and inspirational.






    Robinwood Day 2

    This morning we were greeted by grey clouds and rain, however these failed to dampen our spirits as we tucked into a hearty cooked breakfast – 12 hours of demanding and exciting challenges awaited us.

    As year six stepped forth into the second twenty four hours of our experience, bonds were being formed, teams were strengthening and smiles were widening – we knew a great day awaited us.

    It didn’t disappoint!

    Crates were precariously manipulated into rigid towers – strong enough to hold four men, women or children; bodies were bent and contorted to squeeze through boulders discarded from the past; dangers were conquered in the Dungeon of Doom: and obstacles negotiated in the Nightline.

    Tired, but tremendously happy children and teachers approached dinner, desperate for sustenance and were treated to another glorious feast.

    Fuelled and ready to go, a final push saw one final activity after dinner and everyone retired to bed – ready to conquer Day 3!



    Robinwood Day 1

    This morning, our year sixes embarked on their Robinwood journey. Fresh faced, clean and calm they looked forward to the challenges that lay ahead.

    After a wonderfully entertaining coach journey, filled with singing and anticipation, we arrived at the site and tucked into a satisfying lunch – filling up on much needed energy for the adventures of the afternoon.

    The afternoon was filled with high-wire adventures on the trapeze; peril and paranoia in the piranha pool; and mystery and intrigue during the alien conspiracy.

    Fast forward to dinner time and the children sat down to a large evening meal – a feast of pizza and doughnuts.

    The final part of our great day was the team challenge which was followed by hot chocolate and biscuits before finally retiring, exhausted but exhilarated,  to bed.

    Below are some pictures of the first day activities and visit again tomorrow to see another update.



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    A busy week…

    This week in Nursery has been very busy indeed! We have had some glorious sunny weather which has meant spending lots of time outside in the sun.

    The Beginning of Week group had a visit from Sophia’s mummy Vicki who did a Rhythm Time session! The children had a go at playing some different musical instruments and also learnt all about sounds which are loud or quiet, fast or slow, and long or short.

    The End of Week group had a visit from a Dental Nurse, who brought her friend Fred to help the children learn all about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

    Nursery Phonics Groups

    Green phonics group:

    Theodore, Elly, Haniesha, Georgia, Leylah-Khadija, Lenny, Junior
    Uswa, Isla, Matthew, Sophia, Arthur, Alex, Freddie

    Purple phonics group:

    Kaitlyn, Oscar, Emily, Leah, Ronnie, Doliceanna
    Kobe, Joseph, Esmay, Masa, Tiarni, Zhi Qing, Fiona, Warren

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