Year 6 World Book Day 2019

Yesterday, 7th March, Year 6 took part in World Book Day. The whole school was involved in sharing stories and some amazing visitors (Sports coaches, Pets and the Governors) also shared their favourite books and tales with the children

During the day the Year 6 class participated in a wide variety of book-related activities:

We initially looked at Harry Potter and played Quidditch (Unfortunately in the Hall due to the weather) and we decided that it was a brilliant game that we’d play more of

Following Quidditch, we shared our stories with Year 3


After this, we read a section from the ‘Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins and became a  district of Panem. We helld our own ‘reaping’ and worked out the probability that we may be picked as tributes. Dehean and Chloe ended up being our entrants in the imaginary ‘Hunger Games’.

In the afternoon, we read a section of the Time Machine  by H.G Wells and became time travellers, speeding back through time finding out amazing facts about the past.

As our final activity we finished the school story (each class created a section on a magical tale) we have attached this below.

It was a great day

Thorn Grove shared story


Nursery Story Maps 2018/19

In our Literacy sessions, the children in Nursery learn well known stories. We spend a week or two learning the story, re-telling it with actions, performing it in a group. We draw a ‘story map’, which is a pictoral representation of the story, enabling children to verbally tell the story before they are able to ‘read’ it. Once the children know the story really well, using expression and actions, we ‘innovate’ the story. This means that we change some of the key elements such as the characters or locations/objects to write our own version of the story. Take a look below. Feel free to save the images and print them off for your child to use.


‘The Cupcake Man’ – Innovated from The Gingerbread Man





















‘The Three Little Penguins’ – Innovated from ‘The Three Little Pigs’























‘The 3 Bunny Rabbits Hop’ – Innovated from ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’

Nursery and Reception do P.E!

This week, the Nursery and Reception classes started PE with Mrs McKeever, one of Stockport’s School Sports Coordinators. This was Nursery’s first PE lesson this year!

The children enjoyed joining in with different games and had to listen extra hard to follow lots of different instructions.









Zain – Reception

Nursery & Reception go to Stockley Farm – 16th May 2018

After last year’s success, Nursery and Reception took another trip to Stockley Farm last week. The children met lots of different animals big and small, including rabbits, goats, tortoises and cows!  As well as meeting and feeding the animals, we took a ride on the farmer’s tractor trailer and had some time to enjoy the weather in the outdoor play area. See some of our highlights below:

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