On-line Safety

Dear parents and carers,

As you will be aware, on-line safety is consistently in the news and we (as parents and educators) have to ensure that we fully understand the current trends in our social world. Each day new systems for communication and sharing pictures as well as media for streaming conversion and images appear – we believe that parents should be fully aware of what is available for chidren to use and problems which some have encountered using these.

In the on-line section of this website 2 links have been posted for you to look at. One is an article all about live streaming focusing on the trend of using sites such as musical-ly and live-ly. This article gives practical advice about how to ensure that your children are safe and what to do if you believe that they are not.

The second is an information page from the NSPCC which details the main social media outlets and how they are supposed to be used. It also goes into detail about age restrictions and how you can support your children to use these sites safely and responsibly.

Children are receiving lessons in on-line safety at school but it is vital that this work continues at home.

If you have any questions about what you discover, please ask your child’s class teacher.

‘Green Flag’ award has been achieved!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved our Green Flag award again! Well done Thorn Grove!

Over the last two years the Thorn Grove Eco team along with the whole school have been involved in a range of projects throughout the school to support our Green Flag award which we received in 2014 for our efforts to become more sustainable. 

Recently the Eco team were interviewed by an ‘Eco-schools’ assessor to apply for our first ‘Green Flag’ renewal.  This involved our Eco-warriors taking the assessor on a tour of our school and sharing some of the projects we have done and are continuing to do across the school.  We have focussed on a number of areas including energy, biodiversity, waste, litter, recycling, healthy living and school grounds. 

The Eco warriors answered a vast range of questions linked to all our projects showing a huge sense of pride for our fabulous school!  Well done everyone!  See our wonderful Eco Warriors along with some photographs of some of our projects throughout the year!img_3289


img_2954 img_2957 img_2971



Our new Digital Leaders begin their work

A huge well done to our newly appointed digital leaders who made a successful application  and were then interviewed for their new exciting posts.

Every week the digital leaders will work alongside a different year group to support children in developing their computing skills.

Read their comments to find out how they are getting  on!

IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732

Manchester City Football Festival

Today  we were immensely proud of some of  our Reception and Year 1 children who took part in a football tournament at the Manchester City training ground along with 11 other schools.  We showed determination, team work,  great sportsmanship and immense enthusiasm.  Both myself and Mrs Denford were extremely privileged to take such a fabulous group to the event.

Thank you also to our wonderful parents who came along to support the event!  You had the best view!

Here are a few high-lights







































E-safety day 2016

th[4]Everyone at Thorn Grove  receives computing lessons.  At regular opportunities throughout the year the children are taught the importance of e-safety.  Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 9th February 2016) is run by the UK Safer Internet Centre. This year the children are considering how we could make the internet a better place following this year’s theme ‘Play your part’.


In addition our e-safety cadets are ensuring every pupil can remember the 3 important e-safety rules we follow at our school.  Special bookmarks are being awarded to everyone who can tell our e-cadets all about our rules and why they are so important.

Don’t forget to design your e-safety posters to display around school.  Our e-cadets will choose their favourites from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 by the end of this week.


My story story by zoha😊

Once upon a time  there lived a young sweet girl called Lily. Lily had yellow golden hair her hair was as yellow as the sun.   Lily was warned by her mother about not to be going near the river bridge. Today lily was  starting a new school today and she was so exited. Lily’s favourite thing about school was that she always learnt something new. Lily was ready to go she got her school bag and set of. She walked in her new brand new shiny shoes determined. As she walked into her classroom she was acting kinda shy than before. Lily introduced her self to the children in her class. Just then in the corner in Lilys eye some mean selfish obnoxious group of bullys  who were sat on one table were laughing at lily because she was new. Lily had never ever faced a bully before she was not scared so lily just politely ignored them and went of to her seat smartly. After break time lily got thrown a piece of paper saying “meet me after school near the  bridge near the river to prove your not a scaredy-cat lily remembered about what her mother said about not going near the bridge but on the other hand she did not want to get bullied lily was in a mess already . Lily had no choice but to ignore her mum of she went after school to the bridge where she met the bullys… lily was scared bullys were towering over her…

To be continued





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