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Nursery Showstopper 10.03.17

This week, Nursery and Reception have been introduced to their new friends, Pip and Pop (see below!) Pip lives in Nursery and Pop lives in Reception. We have been asking the children to draw pictures and write letters to Pip and Pop so that we can send them between classes. Lilah was fascinated by the whole thing and spent most of Tuesday afternoon drawing pictures and even copied their names to write ‘pip’ and ‘pop’. I am so impressed with her skills! Well done Lilah.

Reception Show stopper

This week’s show stopper goes to all of Reception for presenting their class assembly so well to such a big audience.  A particular well done goes to Ella-Mai for her beautiful singing voice in our ‘Porridge song’.

Geography Showstopper

Below you can see work completed by Thea and Tommy.

This work is wonderfully neat and incredibly creative. The task was to locate as many North American landmarks, and plot them on the map.

Well done to you both.


Nursery Showstopper 10th February

This week we have been learning about the differences between how we keep warm and how animals and people who live in polar regions keep warm. We found out all about igloos and produced our own igloo collage crafts using white paper squares and lots of glue.

Isla produced this incredibly neat igloo which she spent a very long time perfecting. Her concentration levels and attention to detail were seriously impressive! Well done Isla, keep it up!

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