Please note that during the current school reopening, visitors will only be granted access to school if they have made an appointment to visit. Please call 0161 485 1177 or email to organise an appointment.


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    Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful learning, exciting activities and amazing achievements. Please keep visiting weekly to find out important information about homework and the latest news on our noticeboard.


    Monday – Wednesday am – Miss Rimmer and Mrs Yates

    Wednesday pm – Friday – Mrs Thomason and Mrs Yates

    Mrs S Thomason Mrs V Yates

    At Thorn Grove Nursery, we have two classes which attend for 2.5 days each week. These are split into Beginning of Week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday AM) and End of Week (Wednesday PM, Thursday and Friday). We take a maximum of 24 children in each class and generally have two admission intakes each academic year in September and January.

    We offer 30 Hours of funded childcare for working parents. You need to apply for an eligibility code through the child care service via. For more information please visit 

    In the Nursery, the aim is for the children to learn through play and exploring the environment. The day is well structured and the children quickly get used to a daily routine. For most of their ‘learning time’ children can play indoors or outdoors and access activities that support their development in the seven areas of learning, either independently or in a focused activity with an adult. During the children’s independent learning time, adults in the Nursery carry out observations on the children to document their everyday successes and progress. The children also have short sessions of carpet time throughout the day, where they learn about stories and celebrations, numbers and phonics through adult-led input.


    Home Learning Week 2

    Home Learning Week 2

    For Nursery home learning we would love you to take pictures of their learning and send them to the Nursery email account. For any further activities or extra learning please see the ideas page. If you have any questions, please message me on the Nursery email.
    Mrs Thomason and Mrs Shepherd.

    Weekly tasks to complete

    Practise writing your name
    Practise forming your numbers
    Read your favourite stories
    Draw some pictures


    • Listen to the story – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and become familiar with the story. There is a You Tube copy here.
    • Act out the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.
    • Phonics Play – Click here. Phase 2 – Support your child by saying the sounds and asking your child to match it to the picture. Eg. ‘c-a-t’ your child will blend the sounds say ‘cat’ and choose the picture that shows the cat.
      New phonics sounds ‘i’ ‘i i -insect’ and ‘n’ ‘nnnn – net’.
      Practise these sounds – can you think of any items inside or outside that begin with these sounds?
      Continue to practise ‘m, a, s, d, t’ practise forming these letters. Please use this phonics guidance if you need to. click here


      • Counting forwards back backwards to 10
      • Collecting objects from around the house, e.g. get me 5 cars, 7 sticks etc.
      • Caterpillar Maths – Click here.

      Caterpillar ordering – click here
      Build a tall tower – how many bricks have you used? Can you build a taller tower or a shorter tower?
      Make an obstacle course – how long does it take you to complete it?


      • Make a collage of a mini beast that you have seen.
      • Make a print of a butterfly – paint one side of the paper and fold it over or draw butterfly and add in the patterns on its wings
      • Look for signs of spring – what can you see?

        1. Show your grown ups how to make a paperchain caterpillar

        P.E. & MOVEMENT

        • Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, will be delivering a LIVE P.E. lesson at 9am every day Monday-Friday on his YouTube channel to encourage children to stay active during school closures.
        • Practise mindfulness with the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel. Video clips ranging from 15 – 45 minutes.

          A great way to get moving, try Jump Start Jonny click here

          TV TIME!

          • Recommended TV shows for your children:
          • Numberblocks – CBeebies, Monday – Friday at 7:00am and 1:15pm
          • Bedtime Stories – CBeebies, every day at 6:50pm
          • Newsround – CBBC, Monday – Friday at 7:40am, 8:15am and 4:00pm
        • We hope you enjoy your home learning!

    Play dough recipe

    Play dough recipe


    • 1 cup of plan flour
    • 1/2 cup of salt
    • 2 tsp of cream of tartar
    • 1 tsp oil
    • a splash of food colouring if you have it
    • 1 cups freshly boiled hot water


    1. Mix all the ingredients together, dont worry if initially it looks sticky, keep going!
    2. When the ingredients have all come together, take out of the bowl and knead. Be careful though it will still be hot!
    3. Enjoy your play dough! Keep in a plastic container with a lid, to keep it fresh.










    This week’s Showstopper is: 



    This week’s Showstopper is: 









    • All Nursery children should have a pair of wellies in school.We keep these in a box in the Nursery cloak room. Please ensure all wellies, along with coats and all items of clothing, are clearly named.
    • Voluntary contributions to our Nursery Resource Fund of £6 per half-term are gratefully accepted. This fund covers the costs of play dough ingredients, baking ingredients as well as being used to recover any general wear and tear of resources – we have had a few people already bring in £6 for the half-term ahead so we would like to thank those generous parents.
    • For school dinner menus, important dates and other key information, see the website and Google Classroom.
    • We would be grateful for any donations of tissues and wipes for the classroom – many thanks.


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