Facts about Saturn

Saturn is mostly known for

  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and also the second-largest in the Solar System.
  • It is a gas giant with an average radius (58,232 km )about nine times that of Earth.
  • Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture; its astronomical symbol (♄) represents the god’s sickle.
  • Saturn has a pale yellow colour due to ammonia crystals in its upper atmosphere
  • Wind speeds on Saturn can reach 1,800 km/h (500 m/s), higher than on Jupiter, but not as high as those on Neptune.
  • Saturn has a prominent ring system that consists of nine continuous main rings and three discontinuous arcs and that is composed mostly of ice particles with a smaller amount of rocky debris and dust
  • Sixty-two moons are known to orbit Saturn, of which fifty-three are officially named
  • Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and the second-largest in the Solar System, is larger than the planet Mercury, although less massive, and is the only moon in the Solar System to have a substantial atmosphere
  • Here are some of Saturns other moons: Enceladus, Rhea, Dione, Mimas, Iapetus, Tethys.


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