My story story by zoha😊

Once upon a¬†time¬†¬†there lived a young sweet girl called Lily. Lily had yellow golden hair her hair was as yellow as the sun.¬†¬† Lily was warned by her mother about not to be going near¬†the¬†river bridge. Today lily was ¬†starting a new school today and she was so exited. Lily’s favourite thing about school was that she always learnt something new. Lily was ready to go she got her school bag and set of. She walked in her new brand new shiny shoes determined. As she walked into her classroom she was acting¬†kinda shy than before. Lily introduced her self to the children in her class. Just then in the corner in Lilys eye some¬†mean selfish obnoxious group of¬†bullys¬† who were sat on one table were laughing at lily because she was new. Lily had never ever faced a bully before she was not scared so lily just politely ignored them and went of to her seat smartly. After break time lily got thrown a piece of paper saying “meet me after school near the¬† bridge near the river to prove your not a scaredy-cat lily remembered about what her mother said about not going near the bridge but on the other hand she did not want to get bullied lily was in a mess already . Lily had no choice but to ignore her mum of she went after school to the bridge where she met the bullys… lily was scared bullys were towering over her…

To be continued





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