Homework 17.2.17

Homework  17.2.17

Your homework tasks this week are:


Log on to MyMaths and complete the online homework challenges.

The best strategy to help you succeed is to work through the associated lesson and then complete the homework.

Revision Guides

Look over the revision timetable and make sure you are familiar with the structure of the guide.

Red Text refers to the revision guide – use these pages to revise the areas.

Blue Text refers to the SATs practice question books – use these pages to practice and check your understanding.

The best way to revise is to do a small amount on each subject area each night. The guide has two sections for the weekend which is considered to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you have any questions about the timetables or guides come and see me on the first Monday back after the holidays.


Our next unit of work will be ‘Quest Stories’ and we will be writing an extended narrative using all of the skills we have learnt this year.

Our model text will be ‘The Awakening’ and you homework is to:

Read the story (ask for a copy or read the version on the web page)

Answer the questions below in your homework books

  1. Why is the quest necessary?
  2. Who is the hero trying to find?
  3. What is the setting for the quest?
  4. Who is the hero?
  5. Why is he or she chosen?
  6. What adventures did he or she have on the way?
  7. How did the adventures change the hero?
  8. What ‘key’ object is found in Chapter 4?
  9. How did it play a significant role in Chapter 5?
  10. How did the quest end?
  11. What was your overall impression of the story? (Explain your reasons)
  12. How does the author make this story interesting for the reader?

In addition to answering the questions, make a list of words that you don’t know. Create a glossary by looking up any words you don’t understand in a dictionary.


The second set of spring spelling lists contain two weeks of words with a new word pattern and three weeks revision of the word patterns we have already covered this year.

The challenge words will continue to cover the Year 5 & 6 statutory word list.

Look at the new spelling lists and learn your spellings for the first week back.

Have a great holiday

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