E-safety day 2016

th[4]Everyone at Thorn Grove  receives computing lessons.  At regular opportunities throughout the year the children are taught the importance of e-safety.  Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 9th February 2016) is run by the UK Safer Internet Centre. This year the children are considering how we could make the internet a better place following this year’s theme ‘Play your part’.


In addition our e-safety cadets are ensuring every pupil can remember the 3 important e-safety rules we follow at our school.  Special bookmarks are being awarded to everyone who can tell our e-cadets all about our rules and why they are so important.

Don’t forget to design your e-safety posters to display around school.  Our e-cadets will choose their favourites from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 by the end of this week.


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  • zohah


    I think E-safety day is a really important because it tells you how important it is to be safe online. I am really looking forward for Friday to see who has won the prize for the posters about E-safety. I have worked extremely hard on mine and hopefully i will win!

  • ryani



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