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On-line Safety

Dear parents and carers,

As you will be aware, on-line safety is consistently in the news and we (as parents and educators) have to ensure that we fully understand the current trends in our social world. Each day new systems for communication and sharing pictures as well as media for streaming conversion and images appear – we believe that parents should be fully aware of what is available for chidren to use and problems which some have encountered using these.

In the on-line section of this website 2 links have been posted for you to look at. One is an article all about live streaming focusing on the trend of using sites such as musical-ly and live-ly. This article gives practical advice about how to ensure that your children are safe and what to do if you believe that they are not.

The second is an information page from the NSPCC which details the main social media outlets and how they are supposed to be used. It also goes into detail about age restrictions and how you can support your children to use these sites safely and responsibly.

Children are receiving lessons in on-line safety at school but it is vital that this work continues at home.

If you have any questions about what you discover, please ask your child’s class teacher.

A busy week…

This week in Nursery has been very busy indeed! We have had some glorious sunny weather which has meant spending lots of time outside in the sun.

The Beginning of Week group had a visit from Sophia’s mummy Vicki who did a Rhythm Time session! The children had a go at playing some different musical instruments and also learnt all about sounds which are loud or quiet, fast or slow, and long or short.

The End of Week group had a visit from a Dental Nurse, who brought her friend Fred to help the children learn all about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Jodrell Bank Trip – Year 5

On Thursday 20th April 2017 year 5 went on a fabulous visit to Jodrell Bank. The children explored the Lovell telescope, learnt from the incredible scientists who work there and got to experience numerous practical activities. Below you will see an array of pictures celebrating our day.


The whispering dishes


The telescope                                                        Gravity experiment

Light experiments

Crater exploration                                              Rock identification (meteors!!)

Planetarium experience.

Nursery Showstopper 17th March

We have been learning all about dinosaurs this half term in the Nursery. It would seem that Alex, Arthur and Brody know everything there is to know about dinosaurs and have taught me lots! Alongside learning about ‘sorting’ in maths, the boys were able to sort lots of toy dinosaurs into two different groups: dinosaurs who walk on two legs, and dinosaurs who walk on four legs! Well done boys!

EYFS fun at Stockley Farm

Reception and Nursery enjoyed a fabulous day out at Stockley Farm where they learnt about animals and their young.  The children helped to feed and pet a range of animals. They especially liked the cheeky kid goats and a large curious pig called ‘Gladys’.  The children asked and answered lots of questions and finally took a ride on the tractor.  All the staff at Stockley farm commented on the fantastic behaviour of our children and were especially impressed by their keen interest in learning about the animals on the farm.  May we kindly thank all our wonderful helpers who joined us on the trip and listening to our endless rendition of ‘Old McDonald had a farm!’ during our tractor ride.  Here are a few of our highlights.


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