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Our first ‘Forest School’ session

The first session of Forest School has been successfully delivered.  The session included 30 Reception children along with some very helpful and willing volunteers. The children were hugely excited and even though the weather was glorious, a few children insisted on wearing their brand new water proofs- just in case !

The session began around the fire circle where we discussed the Forest School rules.   The children were given an opportunity to mark out the boundaries using ribbon markers.  After which they were gathered to share and reinforce the limitations for Forest School.

The main activity consisted of creating their own journey sticks taking care to find objects of their choice.  All the children were able to remember not to pick any plants (except dandelion’s) and proudly took home their sticks to share with their families.

At the end of the session before reflection time the children were absolutely thrilled to spot a large frog jumping away from the fire circle area.  After lots of squeals of delight the frog was safely removed to the hedgerow away from lots of excited children.

Here are some of the high-lights:



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