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A busy week…

This week in Nursery has been very busy indeed! We have had some glorious sunny weather which has meant spending lots of time outside in the sun.

The Beginning of Week group had a visit from Sophia’s mummy Vicki who did a Rhythm Time session! The children had a go at playing some different musical instruments and also learnt all about sounds which are loud or quiet, fast or slow, and long or short.

The End of Week group had a visit from a Dental Nurse, who brought her friend Fred to help the children learn all about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Nursery Phonics Groups

Green phonics group:

Theodore, Elly, Haniesha, Georgia, Leylah-Khadija, Lenny, Junior
Uswa, Isla, Matthew, Sophia, Arthur, Alex, Freddie

Purple phonics group:

Kaitlyn, Oscar, Emily, Leah, Ronnie, Doliceanna
Kobe, Joseph, Esmay, Masa, Tiarni, Zhi Qing, Fiona, Warren

Fun in the sun!

This week we have had our first glimpse of summer! The children have enjoyed eating their snack outside in the shade, as well as lots of water play and imaginative play.

The children even helped Miss Bennett to clean down the old picnic table! They used brushes and soapy water to scrub away all the moss, dirt and bird poo. The result was a lovely clean table which we can now use for outdoor snack.

Reception Showstopper

Sophia is Reception’s showstopper this week! Not only did she produce a wonderful story map but she used it to tell a fabulous story with excellent expression! Well done Sophia!

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