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maths challenge !!!

  1. can you figure out the cubed number of  15.
  2. than try to figure out on how to make 15 cubed to 15 squared

look at the sum below:


choose a number from 1 to 10: 6

  1. x2                                                             : 12
  2. +10                                                         : 22
  3. divide by 2                                         : 11
  4. –  the number you started with : 5
  5. the awnser is always 5 no matter what the number                                                                      

do you think I’m correct……yes/no watch and be amazed………

awnsers will be revealed on  2nd march



On Wednesday in the holidays I went to the cinema with my mum we were gonna watch goosebumps but it was full so we watched Alvin and the chickmunks.After that I went on my Xbox and played fifa16.






my half term holiday

Hi its Joe, this half term was very frustrating because i was ill with tonsillitis, but i still had a lot of fun playing on my new game, playing outside and when i was a bit better going to energi the new trampoline place.I also saw my nanny and grandad as they are moving to Canada soon to live forver!!!!!!!
It was an ok week off but i wish i had been a bit better.
My new game, Lego Marvel Avengers is the best

Mam tor

On Sunday my mum told us all:”we are going for a walk” At first I wasn’t intrested  but when she said mountain and fog I  was excited. It was only when we got there that I was  at my most excited. At first it was an easy climb with stone bumps and then stairs but it was only when we weren’t  under any trees and above the road it was exciting.  Speedy winds and the height didn’t stop me it was the ice that was making it hard but we made it to the top in a speedy half an hour. We soon headed back down  cause of the cold and had lunch on a picnic table which was sandwiches, fruit and brownies. We then headed home.    


Dear Dairy

On Wednesday I went to the garden centre for breakfast. I went with my mum , brother , granny and my two cousins. Me and my brother and cousins had sausage, bacon , beans and hash brown. My mum and granny had a gardeners breakfast. After that we went to the animal section and bought Squeaky (my pet hamster) some chew toys. When we gave Squeaky one of the chew toys she bit it in HALF!!!!!!!!!!! She tried to get one of the treats up the pipe.

My Diary

Yesterday was awesome, because we went to Chester Zoo.  We looked at most of the monkeys, including chimpanzees, orangutangs, and emperor tamarinds which have big long moustaches.  It was raining the whole time we were there but our big umbrella kept us dry. My favourite animal was the Capybara.  we watched them have their lunch and they are beautiful and very serious.Capybara

Saturday also had Arsenal playing Hull defending their FA Cup, it ended nil nil which was disappointing.

Year 6 50 word challenge!

In year 6 we did a challenge to explain what our book is about in 50 words.

This is from the time travelling cat.

Topher was a normal boy. In fact everything about him was normal. The only abnormal thing was his cat. It was a time travelling cat! One day Ka, Topher’s cat, went travelling. Topher hoped he hadn’t gone to the Tudor times. This leads to an incredible adventure to find the philosophers stone.

By Harley Moore                    50 Words


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