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Y5 Homework!

One very special day a young man set off on a journey to find the almighty arch o’ beauty. As he set off to find this place he realised he needed help but the people he needed the most were way to scared to help! So he set of in his team of ten people who he didn’t need but wanted!

Now that is the end of my opener hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

Favourite book

My favourite book is dorks diaries because it is funny and makes me laugh .it is very dorky to and the 4 main characters are cough , Mackenzie,Zoey ,nikie and Brandon. It is a really good book and is very good.


New Bugatti?

Bugatti has now made it official that they are saying goodbye to the allmighty Veyron. 🙁 . BUT now comes the BUGATTI VISION! Bugatti has told us that it has 600 bhp and capable of 289 Mph! WOW that is what you call fast.

More car news coming soon!



A visit from Johnny the artist

We’ve had an exciting start to the year here at Thorn Grove. One particular highlight so far has been a visit from Johnny, a local artist who comes to work with us once a term.

This time we looked at the work of L. S. Lowry, a very famous artist from Manchester, who used quick brush strokes and minimal detail to create his iconic paintings. Did you know that Lowry only ever painted with 5 colours?

We had a go at recreating some of our own pictures in his style, using just 5 colours of powder paint. What do you think of the results?

Here are some of year 4s creations:


DSC02747     DSC02746



Handa’s Surprise

In Reception this half term we have been learning to read, tell and act out the story of Handa’s Surprise.

We really enjoyed tasting fruits from the story, making story maps and learning how to be good friends.



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