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The Hare and The Tortoise by Isabel

Long, long ago in a land of enchanted animals, there lived a super fast hare and a very slow tortoise. Hare was bragging that he was going to win the race on Saturday and Tortoise just kept his mouth shut.

The day of the race arrived, Hare had Wheetabix to keep his strength up, Tortoise didn’t really care and had Cheerios. Hare ran for his daily exercise, but Tortoise asked his dad to give him a lift.

Once they arrived at the start of the race, just on time, they got ready to race. On the count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Hare was already gone, but he had worn himself out, so he took a nap. But about five minutes later, Tortoise plodded past Hare.

As soon as Tortoise passed him, Hare woke up and tried to catch up. But it was too late Tortoise had won. After that they became best buddies.

The End

How Mrs Murphy fell in the river by Megan


On Good Friday Mrs Murphy, who is a teacher at Thorngrove, went to Happy Valley with her dog (Chester) and her husband.

Chester was running and jumping in between the long grass and trees. Mrs Murphy and Mr Murphy were walking down the valley, admiring the scene and breathing in the lovely fresh air.

Then they came to a river which was clear, therefore you could see the stones at the bottom. Mrs Murphy went first on the Stepping Stones. When she got to the fifth stone, suddenly Chester came barging like a bull in a china shop and knocked her off like a book falling off a shelf.

Mrs Murphy fell straight in the river. She was wet, cold, miserable and embarrassed. Mr Murphy helped his wife out of the river. She was a bit hurt because a stone had banged into her side.

Bravely Mrs Murphy walked back to the car, but before she got in she emptied her wellie boots.

And that is the story of how Mrs Murphy fell in the river!

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