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Balanced Arguments

In Y5 this half-term we have been learning about and writing balanced arguments. They give both sides of the argument – for and against.

Do you think Little Red Riding Hood should be punished for not listening to her mother and straying off the path?

If you do – why?

If you do not – why not?

The General Election!

On the 7th of May 2015 there was a vote to decide who should be elected to run the country for the next 5 years. The Conservatives won, therefore David Cameron is still the Prime Minister for the on-coming 5 years.

On Friday, year 5 did their own election. The candidates were David Walliams, Taylor Swift, Zoella, Ronaldo, J.K. Rowling and Wallace and Gromit. David Walliams won with 11 votes.

Who do you think should have won?

Year 6 Trip to Quarry Bank Mill

The day started out rather damp, but we still had an interesting visit to Quarry Bank Mill.

We started off in the mill with our guide, who explained the process of carding and spinning the raw cotton to make cotton thread.

blog 1

We tried on the latest fashions!

blog 2

We saw some of the machines that were used in the mill and found out about the jobs that children our age would have done. Collecting the pieces of cotton off the floor was hard work.

In the Apprentice House we saw the conditions that the children lived in.

blog 3

The school room was bare compared to our class.

blog 4

Discipline was different too.

blog 6

Two to a bed!

blog 5

Most of use had a problem fitting in!

We then went back to the mill to see the weaving looms.

Special Visitors!

This week we have been learning about the roles of Doctors and Nurses.  First we were excited to meet our school nurse who showed us how to measure our heights, use a stethoscope and put on bandages.




Next we were thrilled when Megan’s Mum came to talk about her role as a nurse.  We learnt about ‘Florence Nightingale’ and how she helped wounded soldiers.  We found out how to take a temperature and blood pressure.





Finally we were treated to a special visit from Alys’ Mum who told us lots of interesting information about her role as a physiotherapist.  We practised balancing, tried out a walking stick and found out how lots of different people of all ages can be helped.



A huge thank you to all our Special visitors for enhancing the children’s understanding of ‘People who help us’.

A day in the life… in Reception!

In Reception we have been learning about ‘People who help us!’

First we took a walk to the local Post Office to post a very special letter to our families.  We can’t wait to see when they arrive!

Next we were visited by a Fire engine and two Fire Officers who let us have a go at using the hose.

What a great day, here are some photo’s.IMG_1031   IMG_1037

IMG_1045   IMG_1042

IMG_1046  IMG_1045


IMG_1066  IMG_1071

IMG_1100 IMG_1116

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