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How To Calculate The Range

Hi interwebbers, I am going to tell you how to calculate the range of a set of numbers.

Step 1.
Order the numbers from smallest to largest.
E.g. 8,1,7,3,4, becomes 1,3,4,7,8

Step 2.
Find the highest and lowest values.
E.g. 1,3,4,7,8

Step 3.
Subtract the lowest from the highest number.
E.g. 8 – 1 = 7, Therefore 7 is the range! 😀

Step 4.
Feel good because you solved it, and won’t need to stay in at break to finish it.

That, children of the interwebs is how a range (get it) of average (get it) human beings calculate the range of a number sequence.


1) first you look at the numbers .

2) then you see if there is a common number.

3) if not then your answerer would be 0.



the mode would be 7 because 7 appers most


the mode would be 0 because they are all the same numbers.

Our Linking Schools Project

Last week (April 22nd), Thorn Grove had some very special visitors. We have been linking with a school from another community and they came to visit our local area and spend a day in our school. This was a real treat for the pupils not only in year 4 but in the whole of our school as the children from our linking school were fully immersed in the activities of a typical Thorn Grove day. They even attended our special singing assembly! Here are a few photos from our exciting day.

photo 3

A 'getting to know you' activity.

photo 4

photo 5


Hi Mrs Watson i want to tell you how to work out the median for a set of numbers. First list the numbers in order starting with the smallest then find the middle value. The middle number is the median score if there are two numbers in the middle add those two numbers together and divide the result by 2. Isabelle

How to find the mean .

I am going to tell you how to find the mean .

1. First add all the numbers up.( Make sure you add up correctly.)

2. Secondly divide by the number of numbers.

3. Finally you have the mean . (Check you have not written a silly or not possible answer.)

For Example

5 , 6 , 7,  2

5 + 6 + 7 + 2 = 20

20 divided by 4 = 5

5 is the mean .

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