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Reception welcomed another Secret Reader!

Thank you to Poppy’s Mum who shared a fabulous story called ‘The Rascally Cake’ by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul.  The children enjoyed listening to the revolting ingredients that were used in the cake mixture.  It gave us some good ideas for our own mixtures in the mud kitchen!



Traditional Tales

This term we have been studying traditional tales. We have read lots of stories and our favourites were the Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk.

We even got to make Gingerbread Men, just like the ‘old woman’ in the story!

IMG_0423[1] IMG_0428[1] IMG_0416[1] IMG_0438[1]

This week we will be very busy getting ready for Easter. Making Easter cards and chocolate rice krispy cakes.


My Weekend

Dear Diary,

Ecstatic, Elated. The weekend has been AWESOME!!!

Early on Saturday morning I went downstairs and had some delicious, golden cornflakes. I also had some as brown as mud nutella on toast which melts in your mouth. Then I went to my bedroom and got dressed for ballet. I wear  a turquoise leotard for ballet and a black skirt  with your choice of colour ribbon on the bottom. My choice was dark pink, blue and turquoise.

After ballet I went swimming with my Nana and my Brother. My swimming costume is light blue with white spots. In the swimming pool me and my brother got on different floats and my Nana pulled us along . After that we went to our Nana’s house and had a sleepover. We watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Finally we went to bed!

Dear Dairy

Early this morning i sprinted downstairs with joy.I quickly ran to my special cupboard and took my Mothers Day card . I felt really joyful because  I’ve  put an enormous flower and for grass I’ve put green glitter. I also had a big, beautiful treat! I wanted to show my Iranian dance festival.

While I’ve done my mothers day stuff, I went to my iPad and started playing some of my favorite games like : minecaft, my talking Angela and all sorts of games.

When my mum woke up she came downstairs and i rushed to her and gave her  my Mothers Day card.While I  was giving my card I said”Happy Mothers Day”.My mum gave me a huge kiss and a huge hug.I quickly went to my dad  and said Did you make or bye  something for Mothers Day?He said”no”

When it was time to go to my dance festival I ware my best dancing  clothes.I felt really exited because lots of parents are going to see my dance but I am not the only one doing it, my friends are doing it with me.when we  went to the car I started singing

We had to go to Marple Six Form collage

.When we have arrived we  went to our changing room but we  didn’t get changed in there  we were practicing in there.First we had over  classes turn then ours.It took us about 12 turns to ours.Then our teacher lead us to the changing room to get changed for our next turn. When we had to show our dance I was very nervous and inbarrast. We first went in a circle and we took some basckets . When we have finished lots of the parents clapped.   I think it’s time to go home and have big nap .           Good night

My Weekend in Wales

On  Fiday i went to wales.  The next day i saw my friends dad. He told me it my friends younger brothers birthday. I  went in to say happy birthday.  At lunch time he went out for lunch.  When they came back me my friend and ki came and played football with me. We went   to the gladstone   i  had fish fingers and chips it was  yummy. The next day  i   went  to play for Conwy Estuary football team.  It was the 1st time play at  conwy.  We lost 4-3  but it was a great game.

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