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Fantastic day out in Nantwich

On Monday the 24.11.14, the Year 2 class went to Nantwich Museum for the day.  We are looking at the Great Fire of London and we went to Nantwich to be detectives and see the signs of the fire they also had.  The children really enjoyed their day. Please ask them about it.


3D shape hunt!

builders builders 3 builders 2This week in reception we have been learning the names of 3D shapes including cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, pyramid and cylinder.  We enjoyed being builders and created large 3D constructions in our outdoor area.

For homework this week,  please can you draw and label some 3D shapes from around your home? Happy hunting!


Year 4 have been exploring festivals of the world. We kick started our topic with the Rio Carnival, looking at how the festival brings in so much money for Brazil. We created our own masks and watched a film clip about a young girl who made her living from creating the carnival costumes.
Next, we moved onto looking at the Irish festival of St Patrick’s day and the traditions behind the celebrations. We looked at the story of St Patrick, created shamrocks and wrote information texts – The truth behind the shamrock.

We still have more festivals to explore and we shall update our blog (with examples of our work) as we study them.



Sewing our Shamrocks


Rio Carnival masks

Remembrance Day art

Year 6 created Remembrance Day paintings using poster paint. Children were taught how to mix colours using the primary pallet by our resident artist. Next we explored the Remembrance Day poem “In Flanders Fields” and based on this created the paintings. Below you will find examples. Enjoy.


Anti bullying performance

On Wednesday 12th November the children enjoyed an exciting performance of ‘Bullied’ by The Actors Company.  They were engaged by a fantastic play followed by a set of workshops.



The message of the importance of anti bullying was clearly made in a fun and interesting way.

Greek Day

On the last week of half term, Thorn Grove’s year 5 classroom was taken over by Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses! They didn’t seem to know that Thorn Grove had its own uniform and instead arrived in traditional Greek clothing – long white robes, sandals and wreaths of leaves around their heads.

They began the morning by making beautiful clay pots carved with pictures and repeated patterns which told stories of the Ancient Greek myths.


After break, the Gods and Goddesses practiced their culinary skills, making pitta bread pizzas and traditional tzatziki.

In the afternoon the Gods and Goddesses had a party, learning and enjoying the traditional Zorba The Greek dance. It involves standing in a line as a group and performing the same moves in sync. It gets faster and faster as the dance goes on! Here are some people in Greece performing the same dance:


The day was rounded off with a Greek food tasting session where a selection of foods were tasted and rated. Houmous, feta cheese, olives, cous-cous, Greek bread and the pizzas and tzatziki that had been made in the morning were among those on the menu.


After a fun-filled day of learning, Thorn Grove were sad to say goodbye to the Ancient Greeks, but glad to see the smiling faces of the year 5 class return the next day.




We’re all very excited this term, as our new topic is Frozen!


This week we have been talking about where Frozen is set and what the weather is like.

This term, we’ll be looking at what animals like to live in snowy places, friendship and exploring the properties of ice.

We have also started rehearsals, with Reception class, for the Christmas Nativity and have been doing well learning all our new songs!

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