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    Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful learning, exciting activities and amazing achievements. Please keep visiting weekly to find out important information about homework and the latest news!




    Adnan is star of the week because of his growth mindset. He shows such enthusiasm and passion for all lessons and never gives up. He has also been trying really hard to practise his lines and lyrics for the Christmas production! I can’t wait for everyone to see him on stage as a Wise Man.


    This week’s Showstopper is:

    Click here to view the Showstopper of the week

    Our art work!

    We looked at Roman mosaics and then looked at the artist, Gaudi. He designed mosaics with links to nature that were all brightly coloured. We designed our own mosaics and thought about the similarities between our designs and his. Here is a selection of our art work.


    Homework includes spellings, English and Maths. The homework is handed out on Monday and is due in the following Monday. Spelling tests will take place on Monday afternoons. For their spelling tests, children will additionally be tested on 3 ‘unseen’ words that fit that week’s spelling rule.

    Wb: 9.9.19

    Wb: 9.9.19

    Spelling rule this week: Words ending in -re.

    Homework this week:

    MyMaths- negative numbers and place value (H, T, O’s)

    English- I would like the children to find a picture of an interesting setting (it could be a forest, planet, riverside etc) or they could draw it, and record language around it in their homework book. They can think about what it would feel like to be there, what they can see, hear, smell and touch. It would be great if they could add some similes, metaphors and alliteration too.

    This week, children will be given their logins for Times Tables Rockstars. It would be great for them to practise these at home when possible.

    Children should all have a book from their book band, with many new books to read at home and at school.

    Wb: 16.9.19

    Wb: 16.9.19

    Maths- on MyMaths please try the ‘more written methods’ task and ‘introducing column subtraction’. It may be useful for your child to have a piece of paper to record their workings under the correct place value columns.

    English- please can the children write down 10 questions that they would like to ask a character from a book they are currently reading. Don’t forget to use question marks and try to make them as interesting as possible.

    Spellings- we are looking at possessive apostrophes with singular nouns, such as Joe’s pencil case or Cyprus’s flag.

    Wb 23.9.19

    Wb 23.9.19

    Maths- In Maths, we are looking at rounding and estimating. On MyMaths please try the ‘rounding to 10, 100’ and ‘solving problems by rounding’ tasks.

    English- One of our class targets is to be able to identify and use conjunctions (words such as but, although, because, until, when). Please complete the conjunctions worksheet in your book. Remember to use your best handwriting!

    Spellings- We are looking at homophones (words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings e.g. peace and piece).

    Wb 30.9.19

    Wb 30.9.19

    Maths- please try the ‘lines and quadrilaterals’ and ‘angles’ tasks on MyMaths.

    English- please complete the 2 handwriting worksheets in your homework book in your neatest handwriting. They are words that the children have learnt over the past few weeks. Challenge: Use 2 of these words in 1 sentence.

    Spelling- words from the children’s personal spelling lists (words they commonly misspell).

    Wb 7.10.19

    Wb 7.10.19

    Maths- on MyMaths please complete the ‘time 1’ and ‘time 2’ tasks. Throughout the week, please ask your child to tell you the time from a digital and analogue clock!

    English- this week I would like you to create a text map of our model text (The Land of Goodies). Please draw the text map on a blank piece of A4 paper and tuck it in your homework book. You have been given a copy of the model text so you can use this to help you. Draw pictures or write words that will help you to memorise the text. Please underline the subheadings on your map.

    Spellings- words beginning with the prefixes ‘il-‘, ‘in-‘, ‘im-‘ and ‘ir-‘, such as ‘illiterate’ or irregular’.

    Wb 14.10.19

    Wb 14.10.19

    I just wanted to say, thank you for all your hard work and support this half term. The children have made a fantastic start to the year!

    If you get time over the half term, the homework is:
    Maths- On MyMaths, please complete the ‘mixed tables 7,8,9’ task and the ‘mixed tables 2 to 12’ task. We will be looking at multiplication after half term and so any practice on their times tables would be helpful. TTRockstars should be up and running!

    English- After half term, we will be focusing on character description. Please can the children choose a character from a book, tv or movie that they know. In their books, stick in or draw a picture of them and write words or phrases around them to describe that character. Please use amazing adjectives, similes (the man was as brave as a lion) and 2a sentences (e.g. the tall, old man) to describe them!

    Spellings- words beginning with the prefixes ‘il-‘, ‘in-‘, ‘im-‘ and ‘ir-‘, such as ‘inaccurate’ or impatient’.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As always, if you cannot access the online maths homework due to technology or for any other reason, please let me know and I can give paper copies.

    Have a great half term! It’s important that the children get a break and relax!

    Wb 28.10.19

    Wb 28.10.19

    Maths- on MyMaths please complete the ‘time and timetable’ task (the second page is quite tricky so be careful!) and the ‘9 times tables’ task. If you would like a challenge, have a go at the Halloween multiplication worksheet!

    English- Please create a character profile using the template in their homework book. Try and come up with a brand-new character (different from the character you chose for last week’s homework). Please write some words to describe their external features (appearance) and internal features (personality). Try and use some powerful and ambitious adjectives! This should really help the children this half term when writing their own character descriptions!

    Spellings- words they previously struggled with in the first half term or that follow the learned patterns (ending in -re, prefixes (il-, im-, ir- and in-) etc.

    Wb 4.11.19

    Wb 4.11.19

    English- worksheet on apostrophes. Please rewrite the sentences in your neatest handwriting, changing the appropriate words for their contracted forms (containing an apostrophe) e.g. do not becomes don’t. Not all sentences need changing. Try to complete the challenge too!

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘multiples’ task and the ‘factors and prime’ task. We will learn about prime numbers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Spellings- we are looking at words containing the ‘ay’ sound, spelt ‘ei’ or ‘ey’, as well as 4 high frequency words. Please use the suggested activities to practice these words.

    Wb 11.11.19

    Wb 11.11.19

    English- worksheet on correctly punctuating direct speech. Please rewrite the sentences in your neatest handwriting, correcting the mistakes. Remember the rules we talked about in class. If you’re stuck, look at the rules and WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) at the top of the sheet. If you want a challenge, try to think of better words for ‘said’ and use adverbs, such as loudly, tentatively etc.

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘multiplying by 10 and 100’ and the ‘more multiplying’ tasks.

    Spellings- we are looking at words containing the ‘sh’ sound, spelt ‘ch’. There will also be 4 high frequency words. Please use the suggested activities to practice these words.

    PS: Sorry, I didn’t get round to marking the children’s homework so will mark it next week when the children return their homework books!

    Wb 18.11.19

    Wb 18.11.19

    Homework will be given out on Tuesday 19th due to the school trip.

    English- Please complete the postcard about our school trip! You could draw a picture on the back of something that represents our trip. On the side with the address, write a few sentences about the trip. You could write what your favourite part was or something new that you learned.

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘short multiplication’ task and make sure your MyMaths tasks are completed from previous weeks.

    Spellings- words from their personal spelling lists that they commonly misspell. Please check that they have copied them down correctly!

    Wb 25.11.19

    Wb 25.11.19

    Instead of being given English homework this week, please start practising your lines for the school play. Please also try to practise the songs! Every child has been given the lyrics. Try and impress your parents by using sign language for the two songs we’ve started learning!

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘doubling and halving’ task and the ‘perimeter’ task.

    Spellings- words with the ‘u’ sound spelt ‘ou’.

    Wb 2.12.19

    Wb 2.12.19

    Please continue to practise your lines for the Christmas play and the lyrics for the songs.
    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘rectangles and irregular polygons’ and the ‘counting 4’ task. Please also make sure you have last week’s perimeter task completed.

    Spellings- adding the suffixes beginning with vowel letters ‘ing’ ‘ed’ ‘en’ and ‘er’ to words with more than 1 syllable.

    Wb 9.12.19

    Wb 9.12.19

    We are getting nearer to the big performance, so please continue to practise your lines for the Christmas play and the lyrics for the songs. Try to do it without your script/lyrics.

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘interpreting data’ and ‘the distributive law’ tasks (multiplication using the column method for page 2).

    Spellings- adding the suffixes beginning with vowel letters ‘ing’ ‘ed’ ‘en’ and ‘er’ to more words with more than 1 syllable.

    Wb 16.12.19

    Wb 16.12.19

    There will be no homework set, please have a relaxing Christmas break!

    See you all in the New Year.

    Thank you for all your hard work this term!

    Wb 6.1.2020

    Wb 6.1.2020

    Welcome back!

    Homework this week:
    -English- Me as a reader- please fill in the poster so I can find out more about what you like to read!

    -Spellings- the /g/ sound spelt ‘gu’

    -Maths- on MyMaths please complete the Roman numerals task and the short multiplication task. Remember to use the column method to multiply.

    Wb. 13.1.20

    Wb. 13.1.20

    English- Handwriting practise of our high frequency spellings. If you get the time, try using these words in sentences.

    Maths- on MyMaths, please complete the ‘modelling equivalent and non-equivalent fractions’ task and the worksheet on equivalent fractions in your homework book.

    Spellings- Words with the ending ‘ture’.

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