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    Dan has made a great start to Year 4. He has shown amazing perseverance, especially in Maths. He has been solving tricky word problems and even managed to help others. Keep it up!


    This week’s Showstopper is:

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    We have been looking at Greek architecture and how to use different texturing techniques using a pencil.


    Homework includes spellings, English and Maths. The homework is handed out on Monday and is due in the following Monday. Spelling tests will take place on Monday afternoons. For their spelling tests, children will additionally be tested on 3 ‘unseen’ words that fit that week’s spelling rule.

    Wb: 9.9.19

    Wb: 9.9.19

    Spelling rule this week: Words ending in -re.

    Homework this week:

    MyMaths- negative numbers and place value (H, T, O’s)

    English- I would like the children to find a picture of an interesting setting (it could be a forest, planet, riverside etc) or they could draw it, and record language around it in their homework book. They can think about what it would feel like to be there, what they can see, hear, smell and touch. It would be great if they could add some similes, metaphors and alliteration too.

    This week, children will be given their logins for Times Tables Rockstars. It would be great for them to practise these at home when possible.

    Children should all have a book from their book band, with many new books to read at home and at school.

    Wb: 16.9.19

    Wb: 16.9.19

    Maths- on MyMaths please try the ‘more written methods’ task and ‘introducing column subtraction’. It may be useful for your child to have a piece of paper to record their workings under the correct place value columns.

    English- please can the children write down 10 questions that they would like to ask a character from a book they are currently reading. Don’t forget to use question marks and try to make them as interesting as possible.

    Spellings- we are looking at possessive apostrophes with singular nouns, such as Joe’s pencil case or Cyprus’s flag.

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