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    Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful learning, exciting activities and amazing achievements. Please keep visiting weekly to find out important information about homework and the latest news!



    The pupil of the week award goes to Poppy for always having the right attitude to her learning even when things are a challenge. I’m very proud of you. Keep it up!

    Well done!


    This week’s Showstopper is:
    We have started making our canopic jars. We had a lot of fun with the clay. Keep a look out for what we do next.

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    Summer 1 Week 1

    Summer 1 Week 1

    In Maths, we are working on multiplication and division written methods. To make this easier, they need their table facts to be quick and secure. Please spend this week, practising their tables. Use TTRockstars and the games I recommended at Parents’ Evening. Sign their homework book to say they’ve done it.
    In Literacy, we are working on suspense stories. The children need to find a story they like that creates suspense or leaves them on a cliffhanger. They will need to talk about their story in class next week.

    Summer 1 Week 2

    Summer 1 Week 2

    Year 3 Homework: 24.4.18 Completed by: 30.4.18
    After our trip yesterday, the children can record some of their favourite things they learnt about Ancient Egypt. They can record in pictures, writing, diagrams or notes. We will share their examples in our topic lesson, next Monday.
    In, Maths, we are looking at multiplying measures including money. When you go shopping, will you look at comparing an individual item price, compared to a multipack. Work out together, which is the better value.
    e.g. 1 tin of beans = 89p 4 pack = £2.99. 4 x 89p = 356p or £3.56 so the multipack is better value.
    You only have to do, 1 but if you want to do more, feel free.
    Miss Beale

    Summer 1 Week 3

    Summer 1 Week 3

    Year 3 Homework: 1.5.18 Completed by: 8.5.18
    In Science, we are looking at nutrition and keeping healthy. Keep a diary for a day of the food you eat, the things you drink, the exercise you do and the amount of sleep you get. We will be using the information, next week in out Science lesson.
    In Maths, we are looking at decimals and how they link to 1/10s in fractions. We are looking at fractions and how to work out fractions of amounts. Have a go at the MyMaths task. If you find that a bit of a challenge, you could record the 1/10 and decimals you know, if you want to. E.g. 1/10 = 0.1, 2/10 = 0.2 etc
    Miss Beale

    Summer 1 Week 4

    Summer 1 Week 4

    I have given the children some Science homework about food labels to complete, this week.
    In Maths, we are working on addition and subtraction. I have set a MyMaths task to complete.
    Miss Beale

    Summer 1 Week 5

    Summer 1 Week 5

    Spellings for this week are to recap on the 300 high frequency words. I will pick 30 next Monday to test them on. The children are still making errors in their writing so we need to refocus on them again. If you don’t have the lists from last time, I will print out new copies on request.
    Maths homework is to practise their division facts. They are improving their tables but not relating them to the division fact.
    In Literacy, we are working on biographies, so for homework they can find information out about someone important to them (famous or family) and make notes about their life.
    Miss Beale

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    15.5.18 All the Y3 children need to bring in a stone and a mini action/lego figure for Outdoor Classroom Day, on Friday.

    Thanks, Miss Beale

    23.4.18 I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to take the children to Liverpool World Museum today. The museum staff praised them for their questioning and their impeccable behaviour. We have had a really lovely day.

    Don’t forget that children need to be in school for 8:20am on Monday 23rd April for our trip to Liverpool World Museum.

    Thank you for all the effort in getting the children into their new routine. They are looking very smart in their uniform too.


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