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    Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful learning, exciting activities and amazing achievements. Please keep visiting weekly to find out important information about homework and the latest news!



    Star of the Week this week is James. I am really impressed with your growth mindset. A great example to others. Thank you.


    This week’s Showstopper is: the class 

    We have been working hard on our editing skills. This is an example of our work.

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    wb 7.1.20

    wb 7.1.20

    Happy New Year to you all.
    This week’s Maths homework is a MyMaths fractions task and a couple of revision tasks.
    For English this week, can they complete the a/an sheet as many of us are still confusing these in our writing
    Miss Beale

    Spellings ful/ness suffixes

    wb 13.1.20

    wb 13.1.20

    Year 3 Homework: 13.1.20 Completed by: 20.1.20
    This week’s Maths homework is to practise counting forwards and backwards in 8s.
    0 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
    The MyMaths from last week is still set and I have added one more revision activity for fractions
    In English, we are working on speech. I have sent a sheet for punctuating speech.

    The spelling pattern is -less -ly suffixes
    Miss Beale

    wb 20.1.20

    wb 20.1.20

    I have printed a multiplication grid and division games to support tables practise. We are revisiting multiplication written methods again, but if children don’t know their table facts rapidly, it makes this a very challenging unit for them.
    For English, can the children find synonyms of said (e.g. replied, called, shouted). They can use any book(s)they have at home.
    Miss Beale

    wb 27.1.20

    wb 27.1.20

    Two tasks have been set on MyMaths . One is linked to our current focus on x/÷ and one is revision of previous work (money Y2 skills).
    For English, can children find an advert (child friendly) for us to look at next week. We are looking at persuasive language.
    Miss Beale

    spelling – s, ss, ch as a sh sound (French origin)

    wb 3.2.20

    wb 3.2.20

    The last few weeks, we have been working on written methods of multiplication and division. They are getting the method for multiplication and division of two digit by 1 digit numbers but they are making mistakes because their table facts aren’t secure yet. I am going to send home multiplication and division sheets home over the next few weeks to try and secure these. Any tables revision using times tables rockstars, hit the button or BBC supermovers will also help.
    Spelling this week is to recap 100 high frequency words. They should know these from Y1/2, however, they are making errors in their written work. I am only expecting them to practise the ones they don’t know. I will select 12 words from the list for next week’s spelling test. For those who know all these, they can practise any words from past lists that they have got wrong.
    Many thanks,
    Miss Beale

    wb 10.2.20

    wb 10.2.20

    Year 3 Homework: 10.2.20
    After half term, our topic will be focussing on the ancient civilisation of Egypt so any information you want to find out over the holidays, or if you want to produce a project piece, you can. Alternatively, you could focus on our Science topic of forces and magnets to find out about.
    Keep up with reading and sharing books as this is really important to extend your vocabulary and their comprehension skills.
    I have printed some multiplication and division tasks for practise.
    Have a lovely holiday filled with family time.

    FYI I have added some MyMaths tasks if the children want to do some revision and I have set the tables on TTRS too. I have also updated the books on Bug Club to match the reading assesment they did last week. Some have stayed on the same book band, due to needing more work on comprehension. Some, however, have moved a colour band.

    Hope that helps.
    Many thanks,
    Miss Beale

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    5.2.20 I am so proud of everyone today. They were absolutely fantastic on our trip and a real credit to you all. It was a pleasure to take them out. I will load up pictures ASAP. Thank you, Miss Beale

    17.1.20 Miss Brierley was very pleased with their French today. Ask the children to sing the French alphabet to you.

    10.10.19 You should be really proud of your children. Our workshop was fab and Mr Trevor commented on how settled the children are at this early stage in Year 3 and asked some great historical questions. I am one very proud teacher!

    4.10.19 As you may be aware, our workshop was postponed on Wednesday because Mr Trevor was poorly. Hopefully, he will be better for next week as we have rescheduled our workshop for Tuesday instead.

    Miss Beale

    23.9.19 You should all have received an email about our workshop on 2.10.19. Any questions, let me know.

    Miss Beale

    13.9.19 Just a quick note to say that until October half term, our PE slots have changed. We will be outdoors on Wednesdays and indoor on Thursdays. This is so the children can work with Lauren, a personal trainer, to develop our fitness. The children thoroughly enjoyed their first session, yesterday, and we are all looking forward to next week.

    4.9.19 We have had a busy first couple of days in Y3. The children look really smart in their new uniforms. Thank you for your efforts. Miss Beale


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