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    Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful learning, exciting activities and amazing achievements. Please keep visiting weekly to find out important information about homework and the latest news!



    Isabelle has been working really hard on her ability to deal with things in and outside the classroom. She is thinking about her choices and trying to make the right ones. Well done Izzy. Keep it up!


    This week’s Showstopper is: We had a fantastic time in our 10,000BC workshop on Wednesday 19th September. Mrs Trevor was impressed with our questions, especially Elliot’s about the spear thrower. 

    Click here to view the Showstopper of the week


    Autumn 1 homework 10.9.18

    Autumn 1 homework 10.9.18

    Hi all,
    Homework will be given every Monday and will be due in the following Monday. This will include a piece of Literacy, a piece of Maths and weekly spellings. Our class spelling tests will be on Monday afternoons. The children will earn right raffle tickets for every piece of homework they complete and every time they change their reading book too. They will be awarded 3 passport points for every reading scheme book they read as well as 1-5 points for their passport (reading for pleasure) book. They can also log into Bug Club and read any of their allocated books on there.
    All the children have been given a My Maths login which is stuck in their homework book. I have set an activity on place value and counting as this week’s Maths task. If there any problems with the login or computer access at home just let me know and we can make arrangements in school.
    In Literacy, we are going to be building up our language to describe dragons and the settings they are in. For homework, I would like the children to choose a picture of a dragon (or draw one themselves) and record language that describes it. They can think about what it looks like, what it feels like, what it might smell like, what it sounds like and how it might move too. Their language examples will be added tour class ‘magpie’ wall.
    You will be receiving an email from Pobble, which we will be using to showcase the children’s work. Please follow the instructions on the email in order to give consent.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    Many thanks,
    Miss Beale

    Spelling patters: revision of Y2 suffixes: -s, -es, -er, -ed, -ing

    Autumn 1 homework 17.9.18

    Autumn 1 homework 17.9.18

    Thank you for doing last week’s My Maths homework. I have set an activity on simple addition and subtraction. If there any problems with the login or computer access at home just let me know and we can make arrangements in school. I have added a multiplication grid and a 1,000 square to the back of their homework books to help with homework tasks.
    Literacy homework is to draw a setting for their dragon and label it with descriptive language. The ideas can be added to our magpie wall. Hopefully, by the end of this week, the children will have new logins for Bug Club. I will put the login details in their homework books as soon as it has been sorted.
    Many thanks,
    Miss Beale

    Autumn 1 homework 24.9.18

    Autumn 1 homework 24.9.18

    Literacy: Next week, we will be writing our own dragon stories. Our focus is settings. I would like the children to draw their setting and think about the language that could describe it. Think about what they can see, hear, small, touch and how it makes them feel.

    Maths: Adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s to a 3 digit number (on a sheet)
    Spellings: differeent ‘ay’ patterns

    Autumn 1 homework 2.10.18

    Autumn 1 homework 2.10.18

    Mrs Rimmer and I discovered last week that the children do not know their alphabet nor their address(es). So, can you please get them to practise these as they are an important life skill.
    For Maths, I have set a perimeter task on MyMaths as we will be working on that from Wednesday.

    It is our first week on homophones this week, too.

    Miss Beale

    Autumn 1 8.10.18

    Autumn 1 8.10.18

    Year 3 Homework: 8.10.18 Completed by: 15.10.18
    By the end of Year 3, the expectation is for the children to have achieved their Silver award. Miss Brierley has updated our times table tests, so they include division facts too. The children have to answer 60 questions in 3 minutes, on three separate occasions, in order to achieve their award. This week, I would like them to practise their tables. I have included an example sheet for you to see what it looks like.
    Bronze: 2,5,10 Silver: 3,4,8 Gold: 6,7,9,11,12
    In Literacy, we are working on instructions. Can you play ‘Simon says…’ type games, so they are using the imperative verbs (bossy words). Record some examples in their book.
    e.g. Simon says, stand up straight. (stand is the imperative verb)

    Many thanks,
    Miss Beale

    PS I know some of you have asked Mrs Denford about spelling scores at coffee morning today. I will make sure that at some point this week they record their totals so far and from next week, record them weekly in their homework books. Thanks for your patience with this.

    Autumn 1 15.10.18

    Autumn 1 15.10.18

    Year 3 Holiday Homework: 15.10.18
    We have had a great first half term. I just want to say thank you to you all for your support and a well done to the children for working really hard over the last few weeks.

    Over half term, it is important to have time to relax and do fun things as a family, so the homework I am setting isn’t as formal as term time. I have still given spelling as they will be tested on the first Monday back and every child should have their Reading Scheme book and a Reading passport book to keep them going over the holiday.

    For Maths, keep practising their tables and our target for the end of this year is to be able to count forwards and backwards in 4s, 8s and 50s, so any counting practise would help.

    Next half term we are looking at Light in Science. While you’re out and about or around the home, look for different light sources. Have a competition to see who can find the most unusual light source. Look for shadows too. What happens later in the day to those shadows?

    If children wish, they can produce a piece of work linked to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. It can be a poster, a leaflet, a model or anything else their imagination can conjure up. They can be brought in after the holiday and we will display them in class.
    I hope you all have a lovely holiday,
    Kind regards,
    Miss Beale

    Spelling: Week 3 on homophones

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    This half term’s newsletter

     Y3 newsletter Autumn 1 2018



    19.9.18 Mr and Mrs Trevor were very impressed with the children today. They had a fantastic time, handling artefacts in our 10,000BC workshop. Ask them about what they saw.

    10.9.18 Thank you for all the effort in getting the children into their new routine. They are looking very smart in their uniform too.


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