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Outdoor Classroom Day 2018

 Mighty Mighty Thorn Grove!

We would like to share some magical moments from our fabulous ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ earlier this term.  We hope the children told you all about it but if not- here are some highlights!

The day began with an Outdoor Assembly where the teachers shared the Outdoor rules for the day. The number one rule was to enjoy the outdoors!  Each class moved around 6 areas where they took part in a physical activity, circle time, field work, investigation and Forest School challenge.

At play time, the children swapped playgrounds for the day.  During lunch time the whole school shared a picnic on the field.  It was wonderful to see the oldest and youngest children coming together for this!

The afternoon involved children revisiting favourite activities such as den building, compass reading and stone decorating.

Whilst children were busily occupied, each class had an opportunity to toast a marshmallow around the campfire.

This was a special and extraordinary day which we hope children will remember for a very long time!  Many thanks to all our parent helpers who supported the day and to Chris in the kitchen for preparing all the packed lunches!






Robinwood 2018 – Day 3

The final day; the final activities; the final chance to step outside your comfort zone; and the final chance to eat an inappropriately large, but simply delicious, breakfast before completing various physical and mental challenges.

Team ‘Year six’ awoke and strode forward with gusto. Mixed emotions fluttered randomly through the conversations of the TGPS pupils  just like the butterflies that accompanied us on our walks to the peak of the local hills when travelling to bouldering.  ‘I don’t want to leave’, ‘I want to see the folks back home’, ‘I want to do trapeze again’, I want to get higher on the climbing wall’, ‘I want another sausage with my breakfast, ‘I wish we could stay longer’, ‘I wish I was as good as Mr Wilson was at crate challenge’ (Alright, the last one was made up!) were all heard as the children approached their last morning of activities.

The whole group, who had grown immeasurably in confidence, stature and togetherness, pulled back their shoulders; raised their heads and joyfully bounced out of the dining hall. The weather responded to the atmosphere of positivity by supplying a morning of warming sun and blissful breezes – the rain finally came (as if planned by a higher force) as the three teams finished their final challenges and returned to base for a final chat with the instructors, lunch and departure.

The damp outside didn’t dampen the spirits at all and, as goodbyes were exchanged and thanks given, year six stepped onto the coach.

The journey home had started, but the journey we had all been on could not be measured in miles, minutes, millilitres or grams….

It could only be measured in smiles, memories, experiences, friendships and grins.

Goodbye Robinwood….. we had a blast!

Robinwood 2018 – Day 2

This morning we were woken by blue skies and beaming sunshine. The children and staff, refreshed after a peaceful evening wandered happily towards the dining room and were greeted by an amazing cooked breakfast, toast and beverages. The happy hordes tucked in, and with good reason, as 12 hours of thrilling and demanding challenges stood waiting to be overcome.

Year six bounded forward: teams became closer; grins widened; laughter bounced around the corridors; and the exploits of the day before were shared in glorious fashion. Yet, there was no time to dwell on the adventures of yesterday as today’s quests swiftly began.

The groups conquered the dark, twisted recesses of the cave system; trekked the moors in the search of ancient rock foundations to explore during bouldering; became the engineers of colossal crate structures (sturdy enough to support the weight of  four of our intrepid architects); and solved the riddle of the Dungeon of Doom!

Another amazing day, but it was not over….

Dinner was merely a wonderful refuelling stop and glorious meals were wolfed down and choc ices devoured rapidly; then it was on to final adventure.

One more activity awaited and the children and staff powered onwards; there was no stopping us now. Yet, time unfortunately caught up with us, the moon beamed down as the sun, and the groups, happily, but wearily retired.

Day two was complete – now for day three!


Robinwood 2018 – Day 1


At approximately 09:15 this morning our intrepid year sixes stepped purposefully on to the coach ready for adventure. As they waved goodbye to Cheadle Hulme, the beaming smile of the hazy summer sun broke through the clouds and mirrored the smiles and laughter that filled the coach.

As we approached our venue, calm floated through the coach; children and teachers alike contemplated the days and adventures ahead and whether they would conquer the challenges set before them.

Suddenly, the careful contemplation was broken – we had arrived! The vibrant team leaders collected the group and led them up the narrow dusty road to Robinwood; it  was time to settle in, grab some subsistence, hydrate and ‘kit up’ for our first activities.

Energised and refreshed by lunch, the groups (Wood, Valley and Hill) gathered their equipment and bounded towards their first activities; the afternoon was jam-packed with amazing deeds: daring high wire flights on the trapeze; perilous piranha pool performances; and marvellous missions into the unknown solving an alien conspiracy.

An exhilarated, but exhausted, group of Thorn Grove pupils and teachers reassembled at dinner to feast on a hearty meal of pizza, salad and chips followed by delicious ice cream. Energy levels re-established, the children made their way towards the team challenge (a fun, exciting competition which pitted the three groups against each other in a variety of tasks). It was a close run affair, but eventually Wood group lifted the trophy; the teachers, who also had a team, trailed in fourth. Youth and exuberance had proved too mighty for age and wisdom in the battle of Robinwood.

The victors lifted the cup, hot chocolate and biscuits were served to our weary warriors, and they made their way to bed ready to rest, recuperate and raise themselves tomorrow morning for the next set of challenges.

As the sun sets on a truly wonderful day at Robinwood, eyes close, friends wish each other good night and lights are dimmed.

Here are some pictures of today. Look out for the day 2 update tomorrow.




Thorn Grove Cheer lead the way

Last Saturday (23rd June) our amazing Team Spirit at Thorn Grove KS2 Cheerleading squad took part in the UK Schools Competition held at the Velodrome in Manchester.

The Squad, many of them competing for the very first time, were joined by their Team Spirit coaches Hannah and Lindsey as well as Mr Wilson and parents at the venue.

The team were incredible and following a grueling warm-up, uniform check and photos, took to the stage to perform.

The routine was delivered brilliantly and the children (from our year 3,4,5 and 6 classes) worked fantastically together to wow the huge crowd.

Then the wait arrived….

The awards ceremony was at the end of the day and squad members, coaches and staff busied themselves watching the other squads and soaking up the atmosphere of the huge event.

Finally the wait was over, and it was worth it.

Team Spirit at Thorn Grove, appearing in their first competitive event as a school squad, were announced as winners in the large group category and are now UK Champions.

A huge thank you must go to the parents who helped on the day and,  of course to the brilliant coaches at Team Spirit who worked tirelessly to help the team.

We are hoping to keep this success going and develop even more, so if you would like to join the squad, please see Mr Wilson in school.

Here are some of the pictures from the day.


Parents Evening Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March

On the evenings of Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March 2018 there will be an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s class teacher to discuss their progress to date.

You will be informed of your child’s progress and their next steps for learning this term. Our aim for these meetings is to create a strong home school partnership so that we can together, support your child.

We are now using an online booking system to make this easier for parents/carers and teachers. Please could we encourage parents/carers to follow the link from the text and email sent out to book an appointment with their child’s class teacher.  If you are having problems with booking an appointment please contact either Mrs Smith or Mrs White in the school office.

Appointment bookings will be closed on Monday 19th March 2018.


Basketball Team ‘net’ a great result

Yesterday evening, the Thorn Grove Basketball Team went to compete in the District finals. They battled hard and did extremely well, facing stiff competition from five other superb teams. After winning three games and losing two they finished third – one point off second place. The squad and coaches would like to say a huge well done to Charlotte for achieving the Spirit of the Games award for her determination.

Sports Reporter: Sam K

Here is our brilliant squad.

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